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Travel Concierge Services

So many choices, so little time! Italy trip planning can be exciting, yet daunting.  Train or rental car? Holiday apartment or boutique hotel?  Mountains or the sea?  Which bus or how to get a taxi?  Cell phone plans abroad? Where to eat?  How to tip?  What to see? How to get advance tickets?  Museum closures?  Special exhibits?  Slow travel or jet-setting among cosmopolitan capitols?  Cooking classes?  Bike tours?  Holiday closures?  Children’s attention spans...grandma’s hip…crib rental…stroller wheels…hotels for a family of 5?  Where to shop?


Let’s chat about all the hopes you may have for your trip, then leave the research and planning to us, and we’ll help to make your dreams come true.


  • Family Travel—We are parents ourselves, so family travel is our specialty. Whether your plans involve visiting for a week or spending the entire summer in Italy and Europe, we can relieve you of the stress of planning and ensure all family members’ needs are met in the planning process.


  • Honeymoons and Couples—We are hopeless romantics who love providing special experiences for our clients. Honeymooners are often already overwhelmed with the wedding planning tasks at hand, and grateful to entrust their trip planning to us. Couples are typically seeking a particularly memory-making experience but need our assistance with making all of the magic happen stress-free.


  • Friends—We are friends who love to travel. Does it get any better than that? Having great friends to travel with is a gift. We are passionate about working with groups of friends to plan just the perfect trip that aligns with a range of hopes and expectations

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