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“All journeys have secret destinations of which

the traveler is unaware”

–Martin Buber


Our philosophy at Elaia Travel is to design extraordinary itineraries that take you exactly where you dream of going, with extra consideration of all the details you may not have thought of, leaving plenty of room for those surprising elements of every journey that are often the most memorable.


Why choose Elaia Travel?


The passion and expertise we put into designing trips to Italy and Europe for our clients comes from two decades of experience traveling to the region as parents, friends, and professionals.


·   WE ARE IN ITALY - For a minimum of two months per year we are living, working and traveling in Italy and have been for the past 20 years. We have extensive knowledge of the area and deep personal relationships and contacts that we can pass on to you.


·   WE DO OUR RESEARCH – Because our trip planning services are customized to each individual client on every level, we are continually doing research, vetting and visiting the businesses and sites we recommend to clients.


·   WE SPEAK THE LANGUAGE  - Members of our staff speak Italian and French. Additionally, cross-cultural understanding and respect for other cultures is a central tenet of our travel philosophy. This comes through in our close relationships with our partners in Europe.


·   WE HAVE CHILDREN – Family travel to Italy requires a deeper level of verification and reputable information, as well as logistical know-how. We personally site spec the majority of properties we book families in, and in doing so have traveled the route ourselves, eaten at the restaurants we recommend to clients with our own children over the years, and as parents have experienced most of the tours and activities we suggest.

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