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Shopping in Amalfi

In contrast to the higher-end boutiques and alley upon alley of tourist shops in Positano, the town of Amalfi, likewise touristy in general, has a charming array of authentic shops where one can find unique handmade treasures or hip Amalfitana fashion and linens, not to mention artisanal chocolates, candies, sweets, and, of course, limoncello. We are charmed by all of the ceramics of the area, but like to peruse a little bit more thoroughly to find original or artsy pieces.

We wandered in to the Contemporary Shop off of Piazza dei Dogi after spying this year’s summer Italia ragazza trend in the window, colorful crocheted flower bracelets, to purchase for my daughter’s 14th birthday. But, wow, and uh oh, as to the original fashions we found inside! We coveted these canvas tote bags, perfect for a busy mama in the summer time. And there was a selection of handmade kid leather and suede clutches each a unique piece stamped with a number. We were surprised and appreciative to receive up a range of 25-50% off of our purchases at such a boutique-type store.

Contemporary Shop

Piazza dei Dogi


Tel. 3351219319

I confess to being a handmade paper fanatic, it might be genetic because my mom is too, and so what better to bring home for her than a gift from Amalfi, where handcrafted specialty papers date back centuries. La Scuderia del Duca was an aesthetic thrill for paper lovers just being in the store, with handbound leather notebooks, colorful stamped prints of the area, and elegant laser cut-out notecards, among many more milled delights.

La Scuderia del Duca

Largo Cesareo Console, 8


Tel. 089 872976

The town boasts a range of worthwhile ceramics stores to browse. My personal favorite for a touch of whimsy and a broader unique selection was Vietri in Amalfi. As an added bonus, those who purchased the Amalfi Card will receive 10% off their purchase.

Vietri in Amalfi

Piazza dello Spirito Santo 23, Amalfi

Tel. 3382066621

I find erboristerie in Italy enchanting in general, and could go on and on about my product finds, but in the case of the tiny Erboristeria Herbarium, throw in some handmade leather satchels and hand-loomed linen scarves, displayed with casual elegance on a tree branch off of Piazza Duomo, accompanied by the scent of aromatherapy and homeopathic herbs, and I simply can’t resist. It’s perfect.

Erboristeria Herbarium Piazza Duomo, 29 Amalfi

Tel. 089 873126

While Shannon DiPadova and her daughter were scouting out a seashell as a memento to bring home for her daughter’s best friend Olivia (ma, che carina… what a lovely gift among 8 year olds) at Di Tutto…in Stile, I spied these seashell chandeliers, ranging from 65-90 euro, along with other characteristic coral and sea-themed housewares, all reasonably priced. They ship, which is a great thing.

Di Tutto… in Stile

Piazza Spirito Santo, 19


Tel. 089 871553

I’ve saved the best for last—chocolate. The chocolate bottega Cioccolato Andrea Pansa off of Piazza Duomo beckoned as the optimal choice for my daughter’s 14-year-old birthday gelato extravaganza (her sister got one, too). An array of homemade chocolate bars, candied citrus, powdered chocolate, and individual chocolates of every type surrounded 8 perfect flavors of artisanal gelato…served with a spoon made of dark chocolate.

Cioccolato Andrea Pansa

Piazza Municipio, 12


Tel. 089 872291

For our Grande Elaia Travel clients, we include locally-sourced shopping tips as part of your itinerary, and are pleased to assist you with advice about purchases, shipping home, or VAT refunds during your travels.

Please contact us if you are planning a trip to Italy and considering visiting the beautiful Amalfi Coast!

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