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How To Get from the Mainland to the Venice Lagoon

There are three transportation options for transferring to Venice following your arrival on the mainland. Visitors will be arriving initially on the mainland either at the Santa Lucia train station, the Marco Polo airport, or if traveling by car to Piazzale Roma. This guide to how to get from the train station from Venice helps determine which option is best for you.

The public water bus, called vaporetto, stops all along the Grand Canal, and runs different lines according to your route. The line you will likely be taking from the mainland will be Number 2. From either arrival point, you will walk out to the dock, where you will see the water bus depot and ticket office. A single one-way ticket is 7 euro for one passenger with one piece of luggage, and there is a 6 euro supplement for an extra bag. A single one-way ticket is good for 1 hour from the time that you validate it at the dock (don’t forget to validate your ticket as you enter the dock after purchasing your ticket). If you plan to use the vaporetto throughout your stay in Venice, you should consider purchasing a 1-3-day unlimited pass as this will save you quite a bit in terms of cost, with pricing of 20, 30, or 40 euro, and discounted 3-day youth passes available for ages 14-29 at a price of 20 euro. The trip takes about 45 minutes.

The public ferry to and from the airport is a different line, the Alilaguna, with specific stops along the Grand Canal as well. The cost is 15 euro one way, and roundtrip costs 27 euro, this includes one piece of hand luggage and one suitcase, there is a 3 euro fee per additional bag. Children age 6 and under ride for free. The trip takes about 1 hour.

The Prontopia app is a convenient service for travelers that allows you to request a Local for assistance finding your destination easily from anywhere in the city with help with your luggage or information about your stay as needed.. This point of arrival experience can really reduce stress and help you get more out of your visit as they can point out the nearest grocery store, ATM, pharmacy, where to eat nearby and so on, and assist you with purchasing the best vaporetto pass option and understanding how to navigate the canals on your own for your stay. Using this simple service will add so much value to your arrivel--transforming your travel day into a trip day with a chance to meet a helpful local upon immediate arrival!

A water taxi, which can navigate the smaller inner canals and therefore take you closer to your destination. A water taxi from the train station costs about 65 euro, and from the airport about 100 euro. If you are traveling in a group of less than 5 (typically the max for a water taxi), especially if you will be paying additional luggage fees on the Alilaguna or vaporetto, you may once you add up the numbers be just as well taking a water taxi. There are a few nice benefits to the water taxi: they will get you over to the lagoon faster than the shuttles, and they can navigate the inner canals, so whereas if you take the shuttles your only option is to disembark at the stops along the Grand Canal. If your hotel or holiday apartment is not close to the Grand Canal, this can mean carrying your luggage through narrow crowded streets and crossing many small bridges with stairs. A water taxi can bring you closest to your lodging by dropping you at docks along the inner canals.

Finally, if you would like to be totally secure that your transportation is arranged, it is possible to book a private boat transfer, prescheduled through your hotel concierge or apartment agency. This will typically cost about 30% more than a regular water taxi, and the driver will be waiting for you on the dock with a sign indicating your name.

For more information about how to arrive in Venice, take a look at our Uno Minuto Italy Travel Tip advice on YouTube here.

If you are going to Venice and need help planning your trip, please contact us here. Ciao!

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